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Klimahouse 2020 - Sustainable construction for a better lifestyle

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Better building, better living: this is the message for the 15th edition of Klimahouse, the leading trade show in Italy for sustainable construction, which is going to take place from January 22 – 25, 2020.

Every year, Klimahouse inspires 36,000 visitors from all over Europe. Klimahouse informs - featuring 450 exhibitors from the construction sector and an event program with more than 150 appointments in four days. Klimahouse promotes innovation and new ideas, giving ample space to fledging startups and young companies. And last but not least: Klimahouse connects – suppliers, demanders, experts and not – all those who believe in sustainable building for a better and more comfortable life.


For its 15th anniversary, Klimahouse is going to present itself in a new look and with a new approach: a concept focused on the relationship between man and nature. While remaining the leading B2B meeting point for architects, engineers and experts from the construction industry, its new direction aims to make the concept of sustainable building available to each individual. There will be ample space for the famous “generation Z” with hackathons and initiatives within the show, as well as an extended information and entertainment program throughout the city of Bolzano (Italy).


Among the other Highlights of the upcoming edition are the Klimahouse Congress, featuring famous Canadian architect Michael Green, the Klimahouse Future Hub, an area for start- and scaleups, as well as Klimamobility, the international congress for sustainable mobility.


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