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[Video] Ceremony of the Green Solutions Awards 2019, Batimat - Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize (6/10)

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Discover the award of the Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize during the international ceremony of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards! An event that took place on November 4, 2019 during the Batimat exhibition. The aim of the Green Solutions Awards is to highlight sustainable buildings, districts and infrastructures. The winning projects are pioneering constructions that can be widely replicated to help to fight global warming.


Benoît Hofer, Project Manager at CAP Construction and representative of Construction21 Belgium, gave the first prize to Greenpeace Spain Headquarters (Spain). Two mentions were awarded as well: one to Flatmettoekomst in the Netherlands and the second to Winter Olympic Plaza in China.  Discover the Awards ceremony:  Do you want to know more about this examplary building (...)


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