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[D2Grids] Decarbonising Cities with 5GDHC

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In its report to the UK Parliament in June 2018, the Committee on Climate Change concluded that the very good progress made in emissions reductions in the power sector significantly masked failures in other energy sector areas, particularly heating and cooling. 75% of the reductions have come from the power sector resulting in a 43% drop compared with 1990 levels.


SOURCE: “Reducing UK emissions – 2018 Progress Report to Parliament” Committee on Climate Change, June 2018 In contrast, the city of Helsingborg in Sweden has reduced emissions in the same period by 90%. The difference lies in the commitment to decarbonising heating and cooling. In the 1970s, the oil crisis hit Sweden hard. Unlike countries like the UK and Norway, Sweden had no oil and gas reserves and was therefore unable, through (...)


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