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The NEWCOM competence database

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The environment of NEWCOM database (Graphic: © AEA)

With the aim of a Europe-wide comparability of acquired skills, a competence database has been developed. This database provides a basis for the mutual recognition of skills of professionals throughout Europe.

The construction sector is facing the major challenge for execution of the lowest energy standard of buildings – nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) – and is confronted with ongoing changes in the labour market. The education of the craftsmen in the construction sector becomes more and more important because even small mistakes in the construction can lead to increased energy consumption and loss of indoor comfort.

Within NEWCOM new qualification and education schemes were developed on modular bases with the possibility to be added to already existing courses. According to the actual needs of the partner countries NEWCOM focused on the development of training schemes for

  • the correct execution of flat roofs - gaining competences for “lifelong service approach” such as correct planning and installing of green roofs and renewable energy systems on the roof, avoiding humidity in the structure of the roof, implementation of energy efficiency measures on the roof as well as further nZEB features as well as
  • ventilation installations - gaining competences regarding correct planning and installing ventilation system with heat recovery, noise protection and controlled air flow distribution as well as smart demand controlled systems as well as
  • for the quality assurance in the planning, construction and operation phase of nearly zero energy building (NZEB) - gaining competences regarding cross-craft interface management, ensuring the indoor air quality, quality of thermal building envelop and energy system, optimization of the building regarding energy use and ecology and evaluation of the cost-optimal measures considering the life cycle of the building.

Gained knowledge, skills and competences are collected in the NEWCOM competence database. Professionals attending the developed training schemes are tested and approved against the developed and agreed ULOs (Units of Learning Outcomes). Approved professionals are offered to register in the NEWCOM competence database. The NEWCOM competence database enables companies to search for competent employees, professionals to present their skills in a comprehensible manner on the job market and to compare completed training schemes in different EU countries.

The NEWCOM competence database builds a basis for the mutual recognition of training schemes all over Europe. It shows up how qualifications can be described comparable and provides a concept for a comparable and comprehensible description of developed trainings. The NEWCOM competence database will soon be ready to be launched.

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