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6th International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials

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Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the “6th International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials” which will be held 100% online on October 14-20, 2020. 

ENEFM2020 intends to be a global forum for researchers and engineers to present and discuss recent innovations and new techniques in Energy. In addition to scientific seminars, a wide range of social programs including boat cruises and visits to historical places will be available.

The Organizing Committee also encourages companies and institutions to showcase their modern products and equipment in the conference area.


We are looking forward to meeting you at ENEFM2020


Organizing Committee


The congress will be held as 100% online on October 14-20, 2020



- Abstract Submission Deadline: EXTENDED until September 7, 2020

- Notification of Acceptance, within 1-3 weeks after the receipt of abstract



ENF 01 - Novel and Efficient Technologies for Energy Production




  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy 
  • Biofuels and Bioenergy
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Ocean Energy


  • Nuclear Energy
  • Coal
  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gas 


ENF 02 - Efficient Consumption of Energy

  • Energy efficient products
  • Energy efficient Buildings
  • Efficiency in Heating and Cooling
  • Cogeneration of heat and power
  • Novel illumination sources for efficient lighting
  • Smart Grids


ENF 03 - Energy and Environmental Issues

  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Metal Behavior: Distribution, Speciation and Bioavailability
  • Characterization and Degradation of Organic Pollutants
  • Natural Attenuation of Contaminants
  • Biotransformation/Microbial Degradation
  • Bio-Assessment and Toxicology
  • Ecological Construction and Intelligent Control
  • Ecosystems Assessment
  • Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Environmental Pollution & Management
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • Environmental Hydraulics
  • Remote Sensing and Environment
  • Environmental Ergonomics
  • Air pollution from mobile and stationary sources
  • Transport of Air Pollutants
  • Noise and acoustics
  • Electromagnetic waves and telecommunication
  • Hazardous waste and waste treatment
  • Industrial waste treatment
  • Water pollution and treatment
  • Solid waste management
  • Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
  • Environmental Process Simulation


ENF 04 - Energy Economics and Policy

  • Future Markets
  • Financing and Regional Issues on Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials 
  • Assessment and Management on Energy and Material
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Policies and Regulation
  • Energy Pricing


ENF 05 - Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy

  • Thermoelectrics
  • Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Fuel cells
  • Photovoltaics and solar cells 
  • Solar fuels and thermosolar power
  • Hydrogen production and fuel generation from renewables (catalysis)
  • Solar-driven reactions to hydrogen and fuels from renewables (photocatalysis)
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Magnetocalorics
  • Piezoelectrics
  • Light emitting materials
  • Materials for energy saving
  • Characterization and evaluation of energy materials
  • Modeling and theoretical aspects in energy generation, conversion & storage
  • Hydrogen Energy
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Prof.Dr. A. Yavuz ORAL
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+90 262 605 2657
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