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Campagne Display® - Enquête sur l'état des lieux de l'affichage des performances énergétiques des bâtiments publics en France

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This document gives the results of a survey about the display of energy performance certificates in public buildings in France. The evaluation started in the beginning of April 2009 with a questionnaire, prepared in close collaboration with the "French Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea" and the French Display® User’s club. This survey made the following findings: The majority of the French local authorities participating in the Display Campaign are already conscious of the challenges and have taken measures to publicly display their energy performances. Those who use Display are ahead of the others. They have displayed posters in most of their public buildings including buildings that have a floor area smaller than 1000 m2. They have also displayed poorly rated buildings. The Display poster has been followed by a local communication campaign in more than half of the municipalities. The main problem encountered when developing a local communication campaign is the lack of human resources. The municipalities which have chosen to carry out a communication campaign mostly used the Display poster or they hung up the DPE (National certificate) in buildings where it was mandatory. There are an increasing number of local authorities using the Display poster that is the communication equivalent of the National certificate. The result of many of the local communication campaign is that local authorities generally undertook technical work to improve the energy performance of buildings and to reduce the energy and water consumption (insulation measures, optimisation of the management, water saving measures). Some municipalities are ready to invest a significant budget on Displaying energy certificates.