What's new in the Thermal Bridges Forum

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We have added a recent information paper dealing with the "Analysis of Execution Quality related to Thermal Bridges" written by Kirsten Engelund Thomsen and Joergen Rose within the IEE ASIEPI project. The paper gives insights in available studies concerning the execution quality at construction sites in EU Member States and informs on possibilities to stimulate and check the quality of component joints in practice.

Additional information papers on available good practice guidance in the European countries, but also on what a good practice guidance document should contain will be soon available, followed by an overview on advanced technical industry developments to reduce or avoid thermal bridges.

On January 19, 2010 at 10 am CET an internet information session organised by the ASIEPI project will be offered. All you need is a computer, internet conection and loudspeakers and you can follow the presentations from your office. The planned presentations all deal with thermal bridges and focus on

  • Good practice guidance
  • Promotion of good building practice
  • Execution quality
  • Advanced technical developments

For further information please go to the ASIEPI website.

Last but not least: please help us to collect information on the impact of thermal bridges in summer, or more precisely on the cooling load and the cooling energy. Are you aware of any studies on these issues? Contact us at: thermal-bridges@ibp.fraunhofer.de

What's new in the Thermal Bridges Forum