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Construction Law in Poland amended again

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On the 27th of August 2009 Polish Construction Law was amended again to change regulations concerning energy certification of buildings. The changed Law broadens the group of experts entitled to elaborate energy performance certificates for buildings. The group now includes all members of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers and the National Chamber of Architects, regardless of their education (M.S. or M.Arch. degree is not required) and professional qualifications (for designing and supervising construction works). There are now approximately 150 000 persons entitled to elaborate energy performance certificates for buildings. Of all the persons entitled to elaborate EP certificates, only the owner of the building is not allowed to issue the certificate for his/her building (even if he/she possesses the qualifications). All the other participants of the building process are allowed to issue a certificate, provided that they possess the license. In the opinion of the professional environment, the amendment will not solve the problems connected with EPBD implementation in Poland see e.g. at Energia i Budynek 11/2009 the Journal of Polish Association of Energy Auditors.
The text of the Act is available in PDF format.