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First certified passive house in the Paris Region

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The first certified passive house of the Paris Region was delivered in September 2009 in Bessancourt. It has been designed by the architects Milena Karanesheva and Mischa Witzmann (Karawitz, Paris) together with Solares Bauen (Strasbourg).

Having the classical geometry of a French suburban house with its two slopes roof, the 161 floor area square meters single family house is fully closed from north and opened to south to benefit from solar gain. Apart from the foundation slab of concrete, the entire building is made of solid wood prefabricated panels. Isolated by 24 cm of cellulose wadding and panels of wood fibers, the house is equipped with triple-glazed windows, a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery, solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic cells. Energy needs for heating and domestic hot water are estimated 11 kWh/m2.year. The cost of the building is about 1800 euros/m2 (excl. taxes).


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First certified passive house near Paris.

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