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Handbook for performing feasibility studies of alternative energy systems

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This handbook from SENTRO European Project is a guide for effectively incorporating feasibility studies for alternative energy systems into the common building process. It is intended to help actors to embed feasibility requirements in the common planning and construction of new buildings. A checklist that should be used at an early stage is presented that has been developed in order to facilitate discussion between decision makers (investors) and other actors involved in the building project and to identify the most promising alternative energy systems. The feasibility of these systems must then be investigated in more detail. This handbook covers technical, economic, environmental and organisational aspects. Some good practice examples of feasibility studies performed in different countries are attached as appendix. Frequently asked questions about alternative energy systems and convincing arguments are presented as support tools.
Nationally tailored versions are available in Danish (DK), Dutch (NL), French (FR), Lithuanian (LI), Polish (PL), Slovenian (SI) and Swedish (SE) from: