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Achieving energy efficiency in housing - The way forward - A needs analysis of European social, cooperative and public housing organizations

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Almost 1200 local cooperative and social housing organizations throughout the EU were asked what it would take to help them to radically reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy in the homes they build, own and manage. They were asked to outline what they perceive to be the key challenges and the main obstacles blocking progress in this field. Over 300 organisations provided feedback. The representativity of the sample means that the challenges and solutions shared between the organizations will potentially cover the whole spectrum of Europe’s energy and housing issues in terms of financial resources, ownership structures, climate, stock characteristics and buildings traditions. The needs differ greatly between providers depending on their size, location, legal status, in-house staff profiles; however there were a number of cross-cutting issues that figured highly in the list of obstacles. This report presents the outcomes of the study.