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In 2019, New York State lawmakers passed the most ambitious state-level climate legislation in the country—and among the most ambitious in the world. The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) mandates that New York’s electricity sector become greenhouse gas emission free by 2040 and achieve an 85% reduction in all emissions by 2050.  
Post date: 8 cze 2021
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Local energy communities (LECs) offer a decentralised and bottom-up approach to producing, managing and using energy. They are set to play a significant role in the energy transition, integrating multiple energy carriers such as electricity, gas, heat, cooling, hydrogen, mobility and water.  
Post date: 2 cze 2021
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Greening our homes and public buildings is crucial to achieving the EU’s  medium and long-term climate goals. For this reason, we welcome the revision of the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).
Post date: 11 Maj 2021
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In the most comprehensive global study yet, IEA shows need for government action to ensure reliable, sustainable supplies of elements vital for EVs, power grids, wind turbines and other key technologies.  
Post date: 10 Maj 2021
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Since the 1970s, energy efficiency has contributed more to our economic prosperity than any other single source of energy supply. This is the power of a million small, and often invisible, actions. eceee makes these actions visible!  
Post date: 5 Maj 2021
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Consumers are willing and ready to play their part in the green housing transition, but they will need guidance and support along the way, writes Monique Goyens. Goyens is director general of BEUC, the European consumer organisation.   Europe’s building stock currently accounts for 36% of European greenhouse gas emissions. Addressing this will mean future-proofing our homes by thoroughly renovating them. But the complexity and expense of doing so is holding many people back.  
Post date: 4 Maj 2021
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As Europe is taking a leading position on tackling climate change, the building sector will play a critical role in delivering carbon neutrality by 2050. Within the long-term perspective of the European Commission’s European Green Deal, key enablers of a net-zero economy by 2050 include energy efficiency and energy system integration.
Post date: 14 kwi 2021
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The World Energy Transitions Outlook preview outlines a pathway for the world to achieve the Paris Agreement goals and halt the pace of climate change by transforming the global energy landscape. This preview presents options to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C and bring CO2 emissions closer to net-zero by mid-century, offering high-level insights on technology choices, investment needs and the socio-economic contexts of achieving a sustainable, resilient and inclusive energy future.  
Post date: 30 mar 2021
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EnerMaps Open Data Management Tool aims to improve data management and accessibility in the field of energy research for the renewable energy industry.   It accelerates and facilitates the energy transition offering a qualitative and user-friendly digital platform to the energy professionals.  
Post date: 19 mar 2021
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The Renovation Wave aims to accelerate improvements in the energy performance of 35 million buildings across Europe by 2030.   Much emphasis is on advancing technology integration by developing integrated and compatible technology packages for building renovations.  
Post date: 1 mar 2021
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