LCA - Life Cycle Assessment

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The hardworking summer months within the LIFE Level(s) project brought forward a vital step in moving the project forward.  
Post date: 20 sie 2020
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IEA EBC Annex 72: 8th Expert Meeting   October 7-9, 2020 Online United Kingdom   IEA EBC Annex 72 - Assessing Life Cycle Related Environmental Impacts Caused by Buildings  
Post date: 5 sie 2020
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BauSIM 2020 – 8th Conference of IBPSA Germany and Austria 23-25 September 2020 Graz University of Technology   The BauSIM 2020 will be held online  
Post date: 17 lip 2020
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 AEE – INTEC, eurac research, Fraunhofer ISE, ATP sustain, Bouygues, SKANSKA SE, Moretti, 3i, Köhler & Meinzer organize a webinar with the title:   CRAVEzero - Cost Reduction and market Acceleration for Viable nearly zero-Energy buildings Presentation and discussion of the results from the Horizon 2020 project "“   Wednesday, 24. June 2020
Post date: 10 cze 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.  
Post date: 17 kwi 2020
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The aim of this document is to inform and support actors along the construction value chain, this document provides principles for circular design of buildings. Behind these principles lie a vast amount of knowledge and information. The document is aligned with the launch of Level(s), a voluntary reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings.
Post date: 19 mar 2020
Type: Publication

We are proud to share with you updated promo materials for the ENDURCRETE project.   New edition of the ENDURCRETE project brochure. It contains the map of all the demo sites. You can also read about ENDURCRETE key concept which is based on different novel technologies and tools. You can find the brochure here.   Roll Up Banner.
Post date: 28 lut 2020
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The importance of cutting carbon in major infrastructure projects - in addition to the construction and operation of buildings - is increasingly being recognised. Changes to public procurement policies have the potential to make a dramatic impact here.  
Post date: 4 lis 2019
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Welcome to the Embodied Carbon and Circular Economy – act on it! online meeting. This Online Expert Meeting is part of One Click LCA’s Road Tour during the World Green Building Week.   This webinar is free and open to all interested parties. Organizers reserve right to reserve a preferential block of seats to One Click LCA users.    What you can expect from the 1.5 hours online meeting:
Post date: 9 wrz 2019
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This World Green Building Week, we’re #BuildingLife and exploring how we can create a green, healthy and climate resilient built environment for all.  
Post date: 2 wrz 2019
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