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How can we choose the building performance simulation software that helps its users make the best decisions? This presentation explores the psychology of simulation users interacting with two similar simulation tools and tracks the different patterns of design exploration, outcome, and user satisfaction that result. It focuses on the importance of accurate real-time feedback to enhance the abilities of designers and building analysts.
Post date: 18 kwi 2019
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On 26th and 27th November 2018, the Competence Centre Building Envelope of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts once again hosted the international conference FACADE 2018 at the KKL Lucerne. This year’s event has been also the closing conference of the COST Action TU1403 “Adaptive Facades Network”, which was initiated by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts four years ago.
Post date: 19 gru 2018
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PROGRAMMA DEI CONVEGNI E TALK-SHOW DI ILLUMINOTRONICA LUMI 2018 racconta il mondo dell’IoT e dell’Integrazione Le storie che riescono a spiegare la tecnologia IoT in modo semplice e diretto, per fare business, confrontarsi e condividere casi di successo; un ricco programma di convegni, conferenze, talk-show ed eventi di networking: da vedere, da ascoltare,da vivere.   AGENDA TEMATICA GIOVEDì 29 NOVEMBRE 2018 MATTINA 9.00-13.00 HUMAN CENTRIC SPACES LO SPAZIO 4.0 E’ A MISURA D’UOMO E DI BUSINESS
Post date: 22 paź 2018
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This open-source tool helps users model the potential savings that a country could realise by a rapid transition to energy-efficient lighting. The model forecasts the electrical energy and carbon dioxide emission savings potential of efficient lighting regulations relative to a business-as-usual scenario. The model baseline is the estimated 2010 installed stock and energy consumption from the en.lighten Country Lighting Assessments.
Post date: 7 sie 2018
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Tra le novità della XIII Edizione del Master RIDEF del Politecnico di Milano un corso sulla simulazione in regime dinamico dell'involucro edilizio e del sistema impiantistico.  
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