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procuRE tackles the common challenge of achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply (RES) in existing stock. The Buyers Group compromises six cities operating a stock of 21,000 buildings. Procurers invest €7.68 million in R&D services to develop innovative solutions. The pre-commercial procurement has three phases.  
Post date: 1 kwi 2021
Type: Termin

29 decembrie 2020. Finalul de an aduce o schimbare majoră în sectorul clădirilor noi private, fie că vorbim de locuințe individuale, blocuri multifamiliale, clădiri de birouri sau alte tipuri de spații.  
Post date: 29 sty 2021
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The Passive House Standard offers a proven implementation of the nZEB with over 25 years of experience. It can be applied to any climate. Design tools, training and quality assurance are available to help ensure reliable performance –thus avoiding any “performance gaps”. The standard is public and available for anyone to use free of charge. This blog post details the important contribution the Passive House Standard makes to achieving nZEBs.
Post date: 23 gru 2020
Type: Odnośnik

Abstract: The energy performance of buildings directive requires from the European Union Member States to ensure that by 31 December 2020 all new buildings are nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEBs) and after 31 December 2018, new buildings occupied/owned by the public authorities should also have the NZEB perfor-mance.  
Post date: 26 lis 2020
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Inscripción Presencial y Online Medidas de seguridad e higiene – COVID 19  
Post date: 19 paź 2020
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Promoting energiesprong renovations and One-Stop-Shop retrofit concepts in highly efficient NZEBs in enerphit standard, to make renovation more reliable, faster and cost-effective.  Objective
Post date: 2 paź 2020
Type: Odnośnik

Abstract: Innovative designs, such as those taking place in nearly zero-energy buildings, need to tackle Life Cycle Cost, because reducing the impact of use can carry other collateral and unexpected costs. For example, it is interesting to include the evaluation of end-of-life costs by introducing future activities of selective dismantling and waste management, to also improve the environmental performance of the demotion project.
Post date: 14 wrz 2020
Type: Publication

The tool has been developed within the H2020 project CRAVEzero. The scope of is to provide a support to track and to manage a nZEB project throughout the whole life cycle.   The tool allows a user to make the following operations:  
Post date: 7 wrz 2020
Type: Tool

The H2020 project BIMplement has published its final brochure, illustrating the results of the project.   The brochure gives an overview of the project, its results and more detailed information.  
Post date: 25 sie 2020
Type: Publication

Could you describe the project and its objectives?    The objectives of the NEWCOM project are twofold. First, we are supporting the development of training schemes for enabling construction workers and building professionals to build according to the nearly zero-energy building standard and second, we are preparing a basis for the mutual recognition of the developed training schemes.  
Post date: 18 sie 2020
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