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Klimaaktiv Gold   Meine Heimat is a residential building in the 2nd construction phase of the Ledenitzen residential complex. The 3-storey structure consists of 12 residential units including a lift and parking areas. The apartments are oriented to the south-east. The heat is supplied via the heating system from the first construction stage. A solar system will also be installed on the roof.   General data:
Post date: 22 cze 2021
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Buildings account for more than 70% of U.S. electricity use, and a comparable share of power sector CO2 emissions. Improving the way electricity is consumed and reducing the overall amount of electricity consumed in buildings would significantly reduce energy costs to consumers and facilitate the transition to a decarbonized economy.   Overview of the roadmap:
Post date: 18 cze 2021
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The building is one of 5 planned buildings. Two of the five buildings have already been realised and will be put into operation in late summer 2020. In addition to the Passive House standard, the criteria of an efficiency house 40 and the solar house standard are also fulfilled.  
Post date: 15 cze 2021
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In Munich's Prinz-Eugen-Park district, NEST 2020 realized the residential complex with 61 condominiums, community space and underground parking. The concept combines passive house standard and wooden construction with solar power and battery storage for local use of renewable energy. Different floor plan types and sizes, community spaces and a sustainable mobility concept create a diverse offering for residents. Two 4-story point buildings and five residential blocks house townhouses and maisonette units in addition to traditional multi-story apartments.
Post date: 25 Maj 2021
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LocalRES project will deploy innovative local energy systems driven by renewable energy communities for a socially fair energy transformation that puts renewable energy into the hands of communities and people. LocalRES will deliver new digital tools that will boost the expected structural change in the current energy system at different levels:  
Post date: 24 Maj 2021
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The publication includes some insights concerning:  
Post date: 18 Maj 2021
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Residencial Mentha is made up of 3 buildings with independent envelopes, making a total of 93 VPPL dwellings. The homes are distributed in 3 bedrooms with an average surface area of 84 m2 per home and different orientations. It is located in the eastern area of Madrid, El Cañaveral, of recent construction. The homes have terraces, garage, storage room and communal area with swimming pool.  
Post date: 7 Maj 2021
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Due to the impact of Covid-19, ICSREE also accepts the online participation.    2021 6th International Conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering will be held in Strasbourg, France on May 5-7, 2021. It will be co-organized by ICUBE, University of Strasbourg, CNRS, INSA, ENGEES and co-sponsored by University of Salamanca and University of Tainan, technically supported by other universities over the world.  
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This briefing is one in a series of 'implementation appraisals', produced by the European Parliamentar y Research Service (EPRS ), on the operation of existing EU legislation in practice. Each briefing focuses on a specific EU law, which is likely to be amended or reviewed, as envisaged in the European Commission's annual work programme.
Post date: 20 kwi 2021
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In the aftermath of the 2007 global financial crisis and rampant global warming –and perhaps the demise of “starchitecture” as a default procedure to build urban identity–, the Palazzo del Cinema Locarno project is guided by principles of economy, trying to capitalise in the existing structure and the public affection for the Palazzo Scolastico –which used to host the local schools and now hosts a variety of NGOs and community associations, to provide an architectural identity for the new cinema complex in Piazza Remo Rossi in Locarno, in the shores of Maggiore
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