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Register your interest in the feasibility study stakeholder engagement here.   1st stakeholders meeting: Brussels, 24 June 2019
Post date: 14 cze 2019
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Energy consumption in new buildings can be reduced at the design stage.  
Post date: 26 lut 2019
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  Ventilative cooling reduces overheating, improves summer comfort and decreases cooling loads. It is therefore one of the most efficient ways to improve summer comfort. Conditions on site, thermal inertia, solar control and other constraints have an impact on the choice of the system and its design. The overall performance is linked to good sizing, design, correct usage of thermal storage, and last but not least a correct control, commissioning and maintenance.
Post date: 21 wrz 2018
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Exhibition home of refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps
Post date: 27 sie 2018
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Air ventilation is one of the top energy users in residential buildings. Smart ventilation equipment and controls help to reduce the amount of energy use attributable to ventilation in homes while maintaining high indoor air quality. Ventilation can also be used as a resource for utility grid demand response if done intelligently. A key component of the smart ventilation concept is the use of controls to ventilate more when doing so provides an energy or air quality advantage and/or a resource to the power grid, and less when it provides a disadvantage.
Post date: 11 sty 2018
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The abstracts submission for the RoomVent and Ventilation 2018 Conferences “Excellent indoor climate and high performing ventilation” is now open. Abstracts are due November 30 2017.   Details of the requirements and the submission process are available on the conference website.   
Post date: 19 paź 2017
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Building America Webinar: High-Performance HVAC: Low-load and Plug-n-Play HVAC Systems  
Post date: 3 mar 2017
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Scanvac’s RoomVent Conference together with Ventilation Conference present: RoomVent and Ventilation 2018 Conferences “Excellent indoor climate and high performing ventilation”    RoomVent and Ventilation are well established conference series within the discipline of ventilation research. These conferences have mutually supported each other in the past and this newly established joint event will provide an overview of the latest research findings on ventilation in both industrial and non-industrial premises.
Post date: 16 lut 2017
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