Le projet RenoWatt vise l'amélioration de l'efficacité énergétique de bâtiments publics. La phase pilote à Liège (entre 2014 et 2017) a permis la rénovation de 136 bâtiments, impliquant 12 autorités locales. Ce projet a permis de réaliser  33% d'économie d'énergie, une diminution de 7.545 tonnes de CO2/an, une mobilisation de 322 emplois directs et 780 emplois indirects.  
Post date: 25 paź 2018
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Securing funds for renovating hospitals, schools and other large public buildings to reduce their energy consumption is not easy for public authorities in the Mediterranean area. Indeed, public bodies cannot afford the high costs of deep renovation so they need to attract private investors. However, the poor financial prospects of such projects - long payback time and low internal rates of return (IRR) – makes the investment unappealing for the private sector.  
Post date: 24 paź 2018
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Nobatek/INEF4, a French RTO involved in H2020 projects, is organizing a 1 day conference in Bordeaux on the 23rd of October, called DIGITAL TOOLS Conference - Digitalise or die: New tools for the construction sector. European experts on BIM and digitalization of the construction sector will speak about the opportunities, challenges and barriers of the digital transformation of the construction sector. The topics addressed will be both technical and research-oriented and above all market-oriented.  
Post date: 11 paź 2018
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Eurostat has developed an interactive tool to visualise energy data by means of flow diagrams (also called Sankey diagrams). The tool allows you to build and customise your own diagram by playing with different options (country, year, fuel, level of detail, etc.).
Post date: 19 wrz 2018
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Join Heat Roadmap Europe and ICLEI Europe at the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC), for a strategic talk on financing and framework conditions for one of the most cost-efficient sub-national pathways for decarbonising H&C that is bridging the urban-rural divide along the way: Heat Synergy Regions (HSR).
Post date: 16 sie 2018
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The call for a new edition of the twinning programme of the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is now open. The Covenant twinning programme offers cities, regions and provinces across Europe the opportunity to take part in twinning exchanges that aim to increase local authorities’ capacity and knowledge to mitigate and adapt to climate change.   The programme is open to:
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  Two years after the Paris Agreement, the EU is firmly in the lead in fighting climate change. To that end the Commission announced a series of initiatives for a modern and clean economy at the One Planet Summit.    
Post date: 16 gru 2017
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  The Juncker Commission's contribution to the One Planet Summit, Paris, 12 December 2017    
Post date: 16 gru 2017
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W dniu 7 grudnia 2017 r., W kontekście grudniowego pakietu dotyczącego uchybień zobowiązaniom, Komisja Europejska ogłosiła, że ​​wysłała wezwania do usunięcia uchybienia, prosząc Grecję i Maltę o zapewnienie prawidłowego wdrożenia dyrektywy w sprawie charakterystyki energetycznej budynków (dyrektywa 2010/31 / UE) .
Post date: 8 gru 2017
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