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After being evaluated by a jury of well known, high profile experts, the best case studies will be promoted on the ManagEnergy website as examples of good practice and will be included in the biennial ManagEnergy publication "Local Energy Action - EU Good Practice". Of these, the very best will be nominated for the ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award, and the winners will be presented with their awards in front of a large audience at the ManagEnergy Annual Conference, which is to be held as in
Post date: 22 paź 2010
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First of all, I'm a geek. I'm an organic food-eating, carbon footprint-minimizing, robotic surgery geek, and I really want to build green, but I'm very suspicious of all of these well-meaning articles, people long on moral authority and short on data telling me how to do these kinds of things. And so I have to figure this out for myself. For example: Is this evil? I have dropped a blob of organic yogurt from happy self-actualized local cows on my counter top, and I grab a paper towel, and I want to wipe it up. But can I use a paper towel? (Laughter)
Post date: 20 paź 2010
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ISA founder members including Redevco, Barclays, ING REIM and BNP Paribas Real Estate have provided data from around 100 buildings across Europe to produce pan-European benchmarks, and more specific metrics for seven countries and two sectors, office and retail.
Post date: 8 paź 2010
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The new edition also includes more expert analysis from our sponsors to increase the value of the document as an industry guide, as well as case studies based on clients’ experiences to illustrate how both landlords and tenants can achieve better environmental performance.
Post date: 7 paź 2010
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For more information see www.buildair.eu.
Post date: 1 paź 2010
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The objective of this webinar is to discuss proposals: - to better define the building preparation ; - to estimate the uncertainty in the derived quantities which are used as a reference versus a minimum requirement and/or in energy performance calculation methods.
Post date: 13 wrz 2010
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As global warming has entered the consciousness of the general public, carbon footprinting (PCF) of products from food to household appliances is springing up at a fast pace, such as the British Carbon Reduction Label or the German Stop Climate Change Label. But a new study released by ANEC last week (8 July) warned that the focus on CO2 may in fact distract attention from other environmental concerns, leading to increased water usage, for instance.
Post date: 16 lip 2010
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Post date: 15 lip 2010
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