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PROJECT SUMMARY   NWE faces a great challenge to shift towards a low carbon economy by 2050. Municipalities play a pivotal role, as they account for 70% of the NWE energy consumption and CO2 emission. Especially, standard public street lighting accounts for ~30% of municipalities‘ total electricity consumption. Advances in intelligent lighting systems offers the opportunity to significantly increase energy efficiency, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.  
Post date: 8 kwi 2021
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  Talotekniikka-Treffit siirtyivät verkkoon: tapahtuma lähetetään livenä studiosta 14.4.2021 klo 9.00–11.00.   Treffeillä pohditaan tänä vuonna talotekniikan tulevaisuutta: Mikä on uusi normaali? Kolme asiantuntijaa kertoo näkemyksensä alan tulevaisuudesta. Lisäksi tarjolla tuorein tieto alan suhdannetilanteesta. Tervetuloa siis kuulolle!   Ilmoittautuminen
Post date: 18 lut 2021
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Bâtiment et énergie / Séminaires et formations / Séminaires, colloques, visites de site / Séminaires à venir / Projets Low-Tech: inspiration   Vendredi 26 mars 2021 · 9H-16H30 en visioconférence avec traduction simultanée.   Programme:  
Post date: 8 lut 2021
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Post date: 13 sty 2021
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Stakeholders in financial markets, capital and investment are key players in tackling climate change, supporting solutions for climate adaptation, and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.   But to enable our economy and society’s transition to net-zero, finance requires a fundamental overhaul. Financial portfolios, for instance, need to align with a well below 2-degrees emissions pathway, incentivising green growth, sustainable development, and systems transformation.  
Post date: 6 paź 2020
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Le vendredi 5 juin, la Plateforme des Acteurs pour le Réemploi d’Eléments de Construction à Bruxelles a rencontré Emmanuel Mossay, expert en économie circulaire chez Ecores, Groupe One et à l’Institut Eco-conseil et également, professeur-invité en économie régénérative dans plusieurs universités (ULB, UCLouvain, ULiège, UNamur)  et Hautes Ecoles (Henallux, ICHEC, EPHEC) et administrateur de la
Post date: 27 sie 2020
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Although local power generation by renewable sources is increasing, it has not yet had a real impact on radical decarbonisation of the energy sector, Changes need to be made by unlocking the potential of the prosumer. This project proposes a community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP), a novel model that can help organise & significantly boost renewable energy production & distribution at a local level.   Taking the VPP a step further  
Post date: 17 lip 2020
Type: Odnośnik

Online breakfast debate "Green Deal: Towards a carbon-neutral economy for Europe” - held in Spanish   Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director General of DG CLIMA and Nicolás González Casares, MEP from the ITRE committee will participate in the event organised by the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg in collaboration with ZABALA  
Post date: 13 lip 2020
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This report sets out the TEG’s final recommendations to the European Commission. This report contains recommendations relating to the overarching design of the Taxonomy, as well as guidance on how users of the Taxonomy can develop Taxonomy disclosures. It contains a summary of the economic activities covered by the technical screening criteria.  
Post date: 6 kwi 2020
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Enabling the Energy Union through understanding the drivers of individual and collective energy choices in Europe THE CONTEXT  
Post date: 7 lut 2020
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