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Post date: 26 wrz 2018
Type: Aktualności

The region of Navarra is building over 500 nearly zero-energy building (NZEB) units to provide affordable and energy efficient homes for their citizens. Nearly zero-energy buildings have very low energy consumption due to their design and the materials used in their construction and reduce energy consumption by 75% compared to standard buildings. The project will also contribute towards social integration and urban regeneration through the provision of affordable rental housing.
Post date: 9 sie 2018
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Intelligent Energy Saving Measures for Municipal housing in Central and Eastern European Countries    
Post date: 17 lis 2017
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Reducing CO2 emissions is not only about adapting new technologies, but ensuring that these technologies are also being accepted by the public.   Only when they are accepted, or better even embraced by the people, they can be implemented swiftly without any  major delays. In the past, retrofitting projects have sometimes created a strong opposition as inhabitants were never asked if they were in favour of any building improvements. Worse, they were just presented with a bill for the renovation costs. 
Post date: 31 paź 2017
Type: Aktualności

Training for Renovated Energy Efficient Social housing     This IEE project aimed to incorporate energy efficiency into further education for architects and social housing managers. Educational material includes techniques, tools and case studies, developed and reviewed by a group which includes teachers themselves. Workshops were held to gather feedback and to prepare for inserting the material into courses.     Results  
Post date: 24 paź 2017
Type: Odnośnik

Nowa zintegrowana strategia renowacji w celu poprawy efektywności energetycznej mieszkań socjalnych
Post date: 20 paź 2017
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The ongoing revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) creates opportunities to strengthen the housing sector‘s contribution to combatting climate change. This does not only mean further requirements for the building envelope – supplying buildings with renewable energy is also an important element.
Post date: 29 wrz 2017
Type: Aktualności

Sustainability is one of the main topics of the Housing and the Innovation Agenda that Aedes- the Association of Dutch social housing corporations- members agreed upon before the summer. In the coming years, they will make their dwellings more energy efficient and increase the pace.   On a short term basis, the sector wants to attain an average energy label B for the total stock of social dwellings by 2021. This calls for an acceleration of investment in solar panels, insulation and heating network connections.  
Post date: 14 wrz 2017
Type: Aktualności

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide a EUR 125m loan to the Barcelona Municipal Housing Board (a public entity under the responsibility of the City Government), with the aim of building 2,198 homes for public rental to low-income households.
Post date: 24 lip 2017
Type: Aktualności

The Horizon 2020 funded Lemon project (Less Energy More OpportuNities) aims to provide technical assistance to public and private entities for the preparation of tenders for the energy retrofitting of 622 social housing units in the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Parma.  
Post date: 14 lip 2017
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