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  Głównym celem projektu EnerGAware jest zmniejszenie zużycia energii i emisji w przystępnej pilota mieszkaniowo-wzmocnić zrozumienie i współdziałanie Niedrogie zakwaterowanie najemców w zakresie efektywności energetycznej. Projekt rozwoju i testowania, w 100 Niedrogie zakwaterowanie, poważną grę pod tytułem "Energia skrzynia BIEGÓW: dom jutra", która będzie związana z faktycznym zużyciem energii (licznik danych) gry użytkownika, wbudowany w mediach społecznościowych i narzędzi sieciowych.  
Post date: 22 gru 2016
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Zmiescic w 20 finalistów drugiej edycji Europy mieszkaniowego Nagrody! Transformacja niekorzystnej okolicy w stabilnej walce z niestabilnością energii i ścisła współpraca z najemcami, z wykorzystaniem profesjonalnej edukacji do integracji uchodźców... państwowych, spółdzielczych i społecznych pracowników gospodarki komunalnej w całej Europie generować różne innowacyjne środki reagowania na problemy MIESZKANIOWE naszego czasu.  
Post date: 13 gru 2016
Type: Publication

The Award Ceremony of the second edition of the European Responsible Housing Awards is taking place on 23 November 2016, in Brussels, Belgium.  
Post date: 31 paź 2016
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Housing Europe has its own voice at the Habitat III, the global conference shaping the New Urban Agenda for the next 20 years, which takes place in Quito, Ecuador, from 17 to 20 October 2016.
Post date: 19 paź 2016
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EURHONET and the DREEAM consortium are organising a training event for housing associations and local authorities in Europe on key topics around deep renovation – see attached Programme. This is an invitation-only event (Please see link below to register) intended to foster exchanges and learning around renovation-related topics of increasing importance to housing associations in Europe.     Who is the training aimed at?  
Post date: 4 paź 2016
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The Habitat Social Positif - HSP (Positive Social Housing project), which is comprised of two row houses T3 and T4, forms part of a sustainable development project which has brought together various sectors on different levels:  the regional government of Languedoc Roussillon, the municipiality of Castelnaudary who directly involved the lycée Andréossy (technical school for the building trade), the social landlord Habitat Audois as well as a local construction manufacturer (TERREAL).
Post date: 4 lip 2016
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CLIMA 2016 awards a poster presentation about the Smart Energy Building Strategy of the Basque Region  
Post date: 10 cze 2016
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ETHOS is a medium sized building having a very low annual energy consumption and is suitable for a targeted audience of families with modest financial resources.  It represents a test pilot for real estate projects within the entire territory.
Post date: 2 cze 2016
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The path to Transition Zero is now clear!   Scaling up the Energiesprong success. How to increase the transformation of the building stock while at the same time maintaining affordability for the residents? This key question is what Housing Europe members have been trying to answer over the past years in their daily activities. Part of the answer is now provided by the Transition Zero Project whose kick off meeting took place in Groningen on 21st April.  
Post date: 31 Maj 2016
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This document reports the results of a study on how the improved energy performance of social housing has an impact on the jobs and the skill needs of the employees of social housing companies in France. A survey showed that the employees of the two investigated social housing companies do not see their job fundamentally changed, and that they identify no crucial missing skill, as they have already been trained on low-energy buildings. Nevertheless, more time and explanations are needed towards low-energy building occupants.
Post date: 23 mar 2016
Type: Publication