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The BEEM-UP (Building Energy Efficiency for Massive Market Uptake) project has successfully reduced the heating energy demand of included buildings by more than 75%, both exceeding key targets and clearly demonstrating the economic, social and technological feasibility of retrofitting in this sector.
Post date: 11 gru 2013
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“One of the biggest challenges for our city planners and architects lies in the combination of high quality living space and high quality outdoor space with a high level of density” according to Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna. In a city with 1.757 million inhabitants, around 85% of the volume of the new homes constructed are social housing projects. These are subject to a competition to receive subsidies in order to encourage innovative architectural techniques and the preservation of the environment. In 2010, 20% to 30% of the new homes were built to passive house standards. 
Post date: 3 gru 2013
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A workshop on Financing Energy Efficiency with a focus on housing in divided ownership or multifamily buildings was held on 11-12 June 2013, in Milan, Italy. The event was organised by Legacoop Abitanti with the contribution of other key partners of the POWER HOUSE TaskForce on Divided/Cooperative Ownership and attended by representatives of the Cooperative and Social Housing sector and experts who have a responsibility in the drafting and management of programs to incentivise and finance energy efficiency.
Post date: 22 paź 2013
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In the framework of the Green City Energy initiative, a seminar organised by the POWER HOUSE TaskForce on Warm/Mediterranean Climates was held on 4-5th July, 2013 in Pisa, Italy.
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  THE AIDA PROJECT supports building professionals and local authorities all over Europe in designing nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB). AIDA runs activities tailored to these target groups, such as study tours to innovative buildings, sessions to learn about best practices from operational success stories, presentations of innovative design software and active support for municipalities. For more information on the project, please click here to go to the AIDA website.
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Building general characteristics:Building from 1931, composed of six floors and of 84 public housing unitsConstruction characteristics:Building made of concrete, external walls composed of double walls (externally solid bricks and internally perforated bricks), with an empty inner space; pitched roof made of slate; central patio.Energy initial situation:
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