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The Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of the ECTP is pleased to present the Technologies brochures published in the framework of the EeB-CA2 CSA. These brochures highlight highly promising innovations from selected co-funded European projects under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7).   BROCHURES Advanced Materials Solutions
Post date: 14 gru 2016
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26 October 2016 by Benedict O'Donnell Original article:    
Post date: 28 paź 2016
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Welcome to the new Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine – or in short: the HPT Magazine! The Magazine is a development of the former HPC Newsletter, updated with a new layout, more focus on the projects within the HPT, the Annexes, and the possibility to read it on the digital platform issuu.  
Post date: 21 paź 2016
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One of the key issues facing modern cities today is to avoid municipalities being locked in to technology from a single provider, and to ensure they are free to transition to the most convenient products and services for citizens offered by competitors   As more and more cities launch projects to become smart, a substantial need is emerging: the ability to share the various models across the world so that they can be replicated anywhere.  
Post date: 12 wrz 2016
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The European project E2VENT is almost at mid-point. A new, clear and understandable 3 minute video summarizing the project is now available.  
Post date: 7 wrz 2016
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Peripheral areas often face poverty, crime, waste, pollution and decay. A new trend, however, considers suburbs the best places to develop green initiatives and energy efficiency interventions. Now a social housing building in Zaragoza, Spain, is piloting the regeneration of a suburb   Peripheral neighbourhoods are often spaces of poverty, unemployment and urban decay. But now many peripheral areas are becoming laboratories of innovation, hosting initiatives for a sustainable future.  
Post date: 1 wrz 2016
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In the actual era of smart homes and smart grids, advanced technological systems that allow the automation of domestic tasks are developing rapidly. There are numerous technologies and applications that can be installed in smart homes today. They enable communication between home appliances and users, and enhance home appliances’ automation, monitoring and remote control capabilities.   
Post date: 4 sie 2016
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REHVA Guidebooks provide a global perspective on specific HVAC topics. They are tools that can disseminate the latest knowledge and technologies to REHVA members and all HVAC professionals. REHVA offers special discounts and deals for HVAC Professionals and Passionates. Summer special valid on printed copies only until October 1st, 2016 depending on stock availability.     REHVA is a Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations representing a network of more than 100.000 engineers from 26 countries.  
Post date: 27 lip 2016
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Lively collaboration and sound technical delivery hallmarks of latest CITyFiED project meeting   The consortium came together in Istanbul, Turkey late June 2016 to catch up on the latest developments, identify collective challenges and pinpoint future actions.   
Post date: 20 lip 2016
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In Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, Europe’s largest retrofit site is a massive undertaking designed to deliver significant energy savings and substantial reductions in CO2 emissions and improve comfort.   
Post date: 12 lip 2016
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