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Increasingly, policy and the market alike are driving building owners to focus on sustainability, livability and productivity. As energy prices and energy security concerns increase, and as information technology allows better performance tracking, building owners and occupants are seeking more information on the performance of their buildings. The net zero energy building is an idea that has captured technologists, architects and governments around the world. But is it possible?
Post date: 25 lis 2011
Type: Publication

This paper will focus on small cogeneration units for use in single-family houses (“micro CHP”) and will discuss Market segments to be addressed Operation strategy possibilities (for CHP operation and other services) System design and sizing (control, heat storage, water side coupling) Technologies available (advantages, disadvantages, matureness, key performance parameters) Ownership and service/maintenance models
Post date: 26 sie 2011
Type: Publication

Nordic Climate Festival @ Aalto is held at the Aalto University Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland. Nordic Climate Festival @Aalto is a 4-day event on finding and promoting best available Nordic initiatives towards sustainable communities. The festival is part of the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2011. Join us to discuss, brainstorm and socialize with other like-minded students and top research teams of Aalto University!
Post date: 3 sie 2011
Type: Odnośnik

In Russia there is a big potential for improving the energy efficiency in the buildings, in the transport sector and in the industrial sector. According to statements of the Russian Government, the aim is to save about 40 percent of the Russian energy consumption by 2020 by using more efficient technology. rudea shall contribute to increase the energy modernisation of Russia under cooperation with German technology organisations.
Post date: 17 lip 2009
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