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On 20th April EBC Vice-President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen joined a follow-up call with EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton and other construction stakeholders to discuss about the COVID-19 impact on the construction sector. In particular, participants focused on the situation in the construction market, the current and future economic consequences across the value chain, and the needs for policy intervention for the exit and recovery strategies.  
Post date: 5 Maj 2020
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The current health crisis and the subsequent socio-economic crisis the EU is facing are going to put the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) urban regeneration projects in a new scenario that can seriously affect their development. We have a series of particularly important challenges ahead, but also great opportunities.  
Post date: 4 Maj 2020
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The EU H2020 funded project BuildHEAT, aims to drive change in the construction sector, bring information and coherence onto the market, facilitating the decision making and planning processes.
Post date: 3 Maj 2020
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An important public building in the most populated city of Zagreb county, Velika Gorica, this kindergarten was in need of energy renovation as it was expensive to run and uncomfortable for its occupants.  Having become an eco-school, the management realised that energy renovation was essential to underpin the new ethos of the school.  
Post date: 30 kwi 2020
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SCHEDULE    /    SPEAKERS    /    BOOK NOW   Historic cities and towns all face similar challenges to prosper in a world of climate change and environmental breakdown. Taking the example of Limerick, an 800-year-old Irish city, we look at how we can regenerate and rebuild healthy, climate resilient, carbon positive places.
Post date: 29 kwi 2020
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Building on the success of the 1st Mini Online Workshops Series on the Renovation Wave, EuroACE is currently organizing a 2nd Mini Online Workshops Series called “Renovation Wave in Action: sharing experiences”. This new series will focus on concrete experiences at regional and local level in the framework of energy renovation of buildings which should be scaled up through the Renovation Wave Initiative.  
Post date: 22 kwi 2020
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A major economic challenge will face us all once the COVID-19 crisis passes.
Post date: 21 kwi 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.  
Post date: 17 kwi 2020
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Join the Renovate Europe webinar "Buildings & Recovery Measures" on 23/04 (09:30-10:30).   In collaboration with our partners DENEFF, SYNERGI & NRP we will shed light on the role of energy renovation of buildings in EU economic recovery!   To register send a mail to :   THE RENOVATE EUROPE CAMPAIGN  
Post date: 16 kwi 2020
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One of the major lessons learnt by the six local authorities from five different countries, Maastricht University and the environmental charity Changeworks, all involved in the ACE-Retrofitting project: They underestimated the slowness of the decision-making process in condominiums and how long it takes for retrofits to take place (3-5 years).
Post date: 14 kwi 2020
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