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NOVABUILD, ATLANBOIS et ATLANSUN, vous invitent à la  Réunion Plénière « Les acteurs du Passif en Pays de la Loire »  "Maître d'ouvrage, pourquoi choisir la construction passive ?" Vendredi 9 octobre, de 9h00 à 13h30, à Saint-Herblain  
Post date: 29 wrz 2020
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The hardworking summer months within the LIFE Level(s) project brought forward a vital step in moving the project forward.  
Post date: 20 sie 2020
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Public authorities can serve as examples regarding environmentally friendly procurements. But this topic also raises some issues:   What role do have environmental aspects currently in public procurement in Europe and how can the aim of environmentally friendly procurement be implemented in practice? What kind of initiatives, experiences and criteria do already exist?  
Post date: 4 sie 2020
Type: Termin

This report aims to provide an insight in the results achieved by projects supporting the uptake of public procurement of energy-efficient works, supplies and services, under the Intelligent Energy Europe II programme and the Horizon 2020 programme.  This report is of interest to the European Commission's services, the direct beneficiaries of these projects, and stakeholders involved in energy-efficient public procurement such as the public authorities, public procurers, and suppliers, among many others.  
Post date: 23 mar 2020
Type: Publication

The importance of cutting carbon in major infrastructure projects - in addition to the construction and operation of buildings - is increasingly being recognised. Changes to public procurement policies have the potential to make a dramatic impact here.  
Post date: 4 lis 2019
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Cities from across Europe met on 9 October in ICLEI Member Copenhagen (Denmark) to liaise with market actors in the construction supply chain regarding their targets and plans to achieve clean and healthy construction. Representatives from ICLEI Members – and Procura+ Participants – Copenhagen, Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Budapest (Hungary) and Brussels (Belgium), as well as from ICLEI Member Lisbon (Portugal) and other cities discussed their procurement ambitions for zero-emission construction sites and sustainable building materials.  
Post date: 21 paź 2019
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ATC Turin (ATC) is a public agency providing social housing in the Italian province of Turin. It has been improving the environmental and energy performance of its properties since 1996.  
Post date: 19 mar 2019
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Initiated and co-ordinated by ICLEI, Procura+ is a network of European public authorities and regions that connect, exchange and act on sustainable and innovation procurement. The combined knowledge and experience allows to provide advice, support and publicity to any public authority that wants to implement sustainable and innovation procurement.  
Post date: 8 mar 2019
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In the nine years since the last edition of the Procura+ Manual was published, much has changed.
Post date: 5 mar 2019
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Join the Nottingham Team on Monday, 28th January 2019, 15.00h (UTC+0) to learn more on innovative procurement for domestic energy retrofitting  
Post date: 15 sty 2019
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