Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

Smart appliances in the smart home – The SAREF standard for buildings for the new electricity market | New standard for smart appliances in the smart home: getting buildings ready within the new electricity market design  
Post date: 30 Maj 2016
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A grid of sensors embedded into an innovative building insulation activates specific façade components to optimise energy savings while improving aesthetics.   The energy consumption of buildings is on the rise in Europe. This is due to ageing housing stock. Now the idea is to use a high-tech kind of retrofitting approach, using several types of modules that allow real-time monitoring through multiple sensors to optimise energy consumption.  
Post date: 27 lip 2015
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The control of energy in smaller buildings is generally poor, despite the availability of a range of tried and tested systems incorporating both mature and innovative technologies. The installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) zone controls, optimising controllers for wet heating systems, and lighting controls are encouraged by the UK government. Financial support through the enhanced capital allowances (ECA) scheme and good practice guidance from the Carbon Trust is provided.
Post date: 17 lut 2014
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How can we exploit building data to drive improvements? How do we go beyond the current practices and drive down operational and energy costs? Understanding how a building is performing through the continuous monitoring of its energy using equipment, is clearly an important approach to keep operational and energy costs to a minimum. But achieving this and ensuring issues are corrected in a timely manner, to maximise and maintain cost savings, is a challenge.
Post date: 22 sty 2014
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This presentation from Schneider Electric provides the results of the research project HOMES (Homes and buildings for Optimized Management of Energy and Services), led by Schneider Electric and supported by the French Industrial Innovation Agency. This is the largest project on European level, focusing on active energy efficiency and represents an investment of more than € 80 million.
Post date: 21 sty 2014
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Mit der CONCERTO Initiative hat die Europäische Kommission, GD Energie, 58 Städte und Gemeinden in 22 Projekten und 23 Ländern gefördert. Die ersten CONCERTO Projekte begannen im Jahr 2005, die letzten enden im Jahr 2014. Die Projekte sind gute Beispiele für Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen in Gebäuden und Stadtteilen.Lesen Sie mehr unter: CONCERTO Initiative.
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The CONCERTO Initiative of the European Commission, DG Energy, has co-funded 58 cities and communities in 22 projects and 23 countries. The initiative has started in 2005 and will last until 2014. The projects are role models for energy efficiency in buildings and communities.To read more about the CONCERTO Initiative, please click here.
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Rising energy prices are making the generation of solar power for personal use increasingly attractive for homeowners in economic terms. In order to ensure, however, that the yield from the homeowner’s own photovoltaic system is available around the clock, the energy produced must be initially stored on site before being subsequently utilised in an efficiently and intelligently controlled fashion.
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