IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

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Organized every 2 years, during years with no Indoor Air conference, Healthy Buildings conferences bridge the gap between science and profession, making it one of the most influential conferences on best-practice sustainable solutions for the indoor environment.   We are planning a truly wonderful technical and social programme in Oslo, sharing with you the midsummer delights of this beautiful harbour city with midnight twilight, in one of world's most sustainable cities.  
Post date: 7 wrz 2020
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The project belongs to a larger urban intervention with the new Grand Parc in Bordeaux, with green area and public spaces, and it occupies a central place in redefining the neighbourhood. It also has an identity vocation because it constitutes a visual catch from the perspective created by the plot where it is located. The volume, simple but slightly decomposed, expresses the public and private use of the building and highlights a forecourt that opens on the urban project of the Grand Parc.  
Post date: 1 wrz 2020
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Ventilation 2021: 13th International Industrial Ventilation Conference for Contaminant Control August 15-18, 2021 Toronto, Canada ashrae.org/ventilation2021  
Post date: 28 sie 2020
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The hardworking summer months within the LIFE Level(s) project brought forward a vital step in moving the project forward.  
Post date: 20 sie 2020
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In July, the House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee released a report which was highly critical of the current lack of progress in building energy efficiency work, particularly in England. The report urged a seven-fold increase in the installation rate. “A major upgrade of the energy performance of the UK’s entire building stock will be a fundamental pillar of any credible strategy to reach net zero emissions, to address fuel poverty and cut energy bills,” the committee told the government.”  
Post date: 17 sie 2020
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The coronavirus pandemic is changing nearly everything about life, and institutional and commercial facilities are no exception. In fact, given the amount of time many people spend working in and visiting indoor environments, buildings are under perhaps greater scrutiny than nearly any other component of life.  
Post date: 28 lip 2020
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Building Simulation 2021 Conference BS2021 - Creating Impact  
Post date: 11 cze 2020
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The purpose of HVAC systems is to provide and maintain environmental conditions, including proper airflow, relevant humidity, heating, and cooling in a specific area to ensure thermal comfort and indoor air quality. In the context of recent threats, special attention should be paid to the built environment. People usually spend their 90% time indoor; it is essential to understand the potential transmission dynamic of COVID-19 within the building environments. The building's environment plays an important role in infection transmission.
Post date: 29 Maj 2020
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Proper technology solution-sets can enable a regenerative indoor environment for building users and for the planet, thereby ensuring occupant wellbeing and health. Several aspects are considered for high indoor environmental quality, such as hygro-thermal comfort, visual comfort, indoor soundscape, indoor air quality and a pleasant ambiance.
Post date: 26 Maj 2020
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The Covid-19 pandemic has tested all aspects of our society: families and individuals in confinement, communities in collective self-isolation and local, national and international authorities struggling to manage the omnipresent effects of the crisis. Now is not the time to give up on our planet. Now is the time to unite for a more sustainable future.  
Post date: 8 Maj 2020
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