IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

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Post date: 11 lis 2016
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Increasingly strict building ventilation standards are making the task of achieving a good balance between healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) and lower HVAC power and energy consumption more challenging for building engineers all over the world.  
Post date: 27 paź 2016
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Building the Business Case: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Green Offices  
Post date: 25 paź 2016
Type: Publication

High quality school renovations with prefabricated wooden components - solutions, real examples and analysis through Europe   15 November 2016, 10:00 a.m. Brussels time (CET)   REGISTER HERE  
Post date: 21 paź 2016
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A monthly information paper on energy efficiency and indoor climate with specific information related to activities with:   
Post date: 18 paź 2016
Type: Odnośnik

This guide, released by the  Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), provides introductory information about indoor air quality including definition, history and prevalence. There is also information on types of contaminants and their exposure limits as well as providing readers with a useful site map. The document is intended for facilities managers, building owners, building occupiers and building services professionals.  
Post date: 20 wrz 2016
Type: Publication

Call for speakers for AIVC workshop - Bring your expertise on IAQ metrics – Deadline November 1, 2016  
Post date: 13 wrz 2016
Type: Aktualności

Is ventilation the answer to indoor air quality control in buildings? Do we need performance-based approaches?  
Post date: 12 wrz 2016
Type: Termin

CESBP - Central European Symposium on Building Physics / BauSIM 2016   The CESBP 2016 and BauSIM 2016 are hosted under a common organisational roof in order to promote the networking of national and international research groups from very different fields. Through their complementary contents and thematic orientation both conferences offer participants many opportunities to open up new fields of knowledge and to develop personal networks further.
Post date: 1 wrz 2016
Type: Termin

Healthy Buildings 2017 – Europe, the flagship conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ), is the second European edition of ISIAQ’s regional conference series.  
Post date: 19 sie 2016
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