IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

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Post date: 30 sie 2013
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On the European continent, demand controlled ventilation (DCV) today is considered as a particularly relevant alternative to other mechanical extract ventilation systems (MEV) and especially for mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (MVHR). For the moderate climate zone of Western Europe, with about 2500–3000 heating degree days, the payback time for investments in heat recovery ventilation is long, especially in buildings with relatively low air change rates such as dwellings.
Post date: 19 sie 2013
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Post date: 3 cze 2013
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Post date: 12 kwi 2013
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Post date: 11 lut 2013
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The importance of commissioning whole-house ventilation systems either when they are installed in new builds or during subsequent building retrofits, is a step towards eliminating deficiencies and optimizing the trade-off between energy use and IAQ. This topic is looked at in more detail in the article  “A Combined Energy and IAQ Assessment of the Potential Value of Commissioning Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems,” by William J.N. Turner, Jennifer M. Logue, Craig P.
Post date: 30 sty 2013
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