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Paint it Green: energy efficient retrofit in Limette, Belgium

The renovation project "Paint it Green" was undertaken by the owner company CoRI - Coating Research Institute after identifying two important concepts: the need for more space as well as the modernization of the company image. Focusing on these...

Zaramaga - social housing renovation challenge in sustainability

The project consists of an energy refurbishment in a social housing block containing 30 dwellings built between the 1950’s and 60’s and located in the neighborhood of Zaramaga in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. The owner´s housing association, under the...

Treet - a wooden high-rise building with excellent energy performance

Treet or "The Tree" in Norwegian proves that sustainable solutions for buildings in an urban context can indeed be achieved by working across different sectors to create a cost-efficient, modular high-rise building using a prefabrication...

Passivistas - The House Project: Retrofit towards nZEB 2020

The first Passive House certified renovation in Greece   The existing building, a typical 1960´s Athens single-family house, was selected for a full refurbishment using Passivhaus standards. The bearing structure was originally...

PlusEnergy building renovation with prefabricated thermal façade elements: Kapfenberg

 Project summaryThe case study of this PlusEnergy renovated building has been proposed as a practical and innovative approach to use as a potential solution for retrofitting the huge quantity of existing post-war residential...

Web-tool demonstrates the financial feasibility of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) renovations: best practices from AIDA project

In the processes of building renovations, building owners will not only look for pertinent information but also evaluate the different alternatives that are available to them. AIDA project partner HESPUL (a non-profit body that accompanies local...

Web based dynamic simulation solutions towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB): best practices from AIDA project

GreenspaceLive Ltd. is an e-startup based in the Isle of Lewis and it has developed some of the most innovative online BIM technology available today along with gEnergy, a powerful new building simulation engine for the cloud, and gModeller, a rich...