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R2Cities crosses the finish line: the results

The EU project on smart districts has unveiled its energy saving achievements after its renovation works in three residential areas   Genoa, Valladolid and Kartal (Istanbul): three different cities, countries and climates, and more than 1,500...

Is it worth renovating old buildings?

The building sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in Europe. As retrofitting works are often unaffordable for people who own apartments in old blocks, the EU has had to step in   Spain is known as a land of sun and heat. But even here...

The human factor in saving energy

Throughout Europe buildings are still responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. More renovation of the existing stock is needed. This is where citizens come into play   From 21 to 25  May the EU Green Week is exploring...

Protecting health by improved building efficiency

A revised EU directive to fight energy poverty and pulmonary diseases due to unhealthy buildings should be approved this month   Home sweet home. Houses are supposed to be our nest, a shelter from the world outside. But how...

Household air pollution: the forgotten hazard

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that each year 4.3 million people die of exposure to household pollutants. Buildings with a safe indoor environment can reduce healthcare costs   As air pollution is largely considered...

District renovation project in Genoa meets energy saving expectations

The “washing machines” district smartens up to halve energy consumption   A peripheral district in Genoa, Italy, has become a smart city lab. The project has improved apartment conditions, reduced waste and lowered the energy bill...

Starting the R2CITIES home run

In late October, the R2CITIES team met in Kartal, Turkey, for its second-to-last project meeting. As we look ahead to the final months of the project, our attention is on the monitoring of the works. This will allow us to build a picture of the...

R2CITIES Lavatrici district renovation session and training workshop

R2CITIES Lavatrici district demo site on the agenda at this year’s Genoa Smart Week     There will be two events from the R2CITIES project as part of Genoa Smart Week on Wednesday 22 November:   A session on the...

Solar energy: “googling” your roof

Internet users can assess the solar potential of their roofs through a platform developed by Google. The online “calculator”, which was only accessible in the US, has now reached Europe, starting in Germany   Despite increasing...

R2CITIES Webinar: Residential renovation – data management to the rescue

Free webinar on Monday 19 June – 16:00-16:45 (CET)   Getting a handle on all the data involved in large-scale district renovation is difficult. But data visualisation and decision-support tools do exist and real-time monitoring is, well, real. To...