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R2CITIES Webinar: Residential renovation How to avoid methodology flaws and reduce risk

Free webinar on Monday 19 June – 11:00-11:45 (CET)   Many pitfalls lie in wait for the unwitting district renovator, especially if the retrofitting design methodology is skewed from the start. Not only is it crucial to be cost-effective and...

R2CITIES retrofitting design methodology and data management: upcoming webinars 19 June!

Towards zero-energy cities     R2CITIES - 2 webinars to sidestep the pitfalls of residential district retrofitting - Monday 19 June   On the first day of this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week, experts from the R2CITIES project...

R2CITIES replicable energy retrofitting strategies: video of Lavatrici District Storytelling now available

R2CITIES project innovation for the benefit of local citizens.   Citizens are the main users of the innovative retrofitting actions implemented locally at R2CITIES demo sites. Enjoy the story of Genoa's citizens!  Video available...

Waste management systems working hand in hand to reduce CO2: Lavatrici retrofit project

High-tech and low-cost solutions to handle urban waste   Low-cost interventions, big data analysis and new regulations on landfills are key factors for the smart management of waste in cities. There are several ongoing studies and...

Retrofit of 1970´s social housing estate: ¨Saving a Monster¨ video launch

Saving a Monster: Retrofitting of Social Housing   In Genoa, Italy, there are tenants who only pay as little as €50 in rent for a small apartment in a social housing estate, but this is only part of the story.   They live in a...

Genoa hosts R2CITIES periodic meeting on 24-26 May as city buzzes with Smart Week

For the second time since our project’s inception in 2013, the city of Genoa has hosted a R2CITIES periodic meeting. And again, it was all designed to coincide with the city’s Smart Week – a series of meetings, workshops and debates on energy-...

Working towards affordability in emerging technologies: Dye-sensitized solar cells

Power of the Sun. Dirt cheap   In a world hungry for energy, top scientist Michael Grätzel hopes to make solar cells more affordable by copying photosynthesis.   In the late 1980s, the German-born chemist Michael Grätzel...

Renovation in Kartal’s Yakaçık district: progress of R2CITIES project demo site

It’s ‘work in progress’ at the R2CITIES demo site in Kartal, Turkey   After finalizing the tender procedure for renovation, the construction work has now begun at the housing complex for the elderly (one of three demo buildings...

Genoa Italy: eco-sustainable social housing in Lavatrici neighborhood

Italy: the energy efficiency way of the washing-machine shaped dwellings in Genoa A social housing district with poor insulation, a municipality that is meeting a long-standing demand by residents while transforming the area into a...

R2CITIES website more accesible: closer to the people by offering sections in Italian, Spanish and Turkish

Leveraging local business and political ecosystems is a key component of projects like R2CITIES. Without the knock-on effect produced by ongoing engagement with localities, our core aim of replicability would be difficult to reach. Furthermore, the...