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Doors wide open at R2CITIES demo sites during the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) took place from 15-19 June and provided the backdrop for the My Smart City District (MSCD) Initiative to hold a series of events dubbed OpenHouse from across four member projects - R2CITIES, ZenN, EU-...

R2CITIES project reaches its half-way point: 4th periodic meeting in Valladolid now emphasizes ongoing public tendering rounds and public grant procedures for delivery of passive and active energy efficiency solutions

Valladolid-based Fundación CARTIF played host to the R2CITIES consortium on 21-22 May when the project’s 4th periodic meeting was held.This four-year project is now at its mid-term and coordinator Rubén García opened the meeting by presenting the...

Smart Data to evaluate return on (retrofitting) investment

Retrofitting technology could benefit the EU economy enormously. Such activities could save up to 60% of a building’s energy consumption and this would translate into direct savings in energy expenditure. But energy technology alone is only part of...

R2Cities Project interview with Emre Yöntem: Meeting energy efficiency targets

Energy efficiency of a building can be calculated throughout its first 60 years of life after retrofitting thanks to Life Cycle Assessment schemes. A new modelling platform can create scenarios designed to show the environmental impact of...

Four key R2CITIES project components for an integrated design methodology of energy efficiency renovation in districts under the microscope in Kartal, Turkeyan

January saw the R2CITIES consortium convene in Kartal, Turkey, for its 3rd periodic meeting. It was the opportunity to engage all the partners in four key work sessions on integrated project delivery, lifecycle analysis and costing, refinement of...

Kartal Municipality in Turkey: R2CITIES project progress

Kartal Municipality in Turkey plays host to R2CITIES 3rd periodic meeting from 21 to 23 January     The R2CITIES consortium convened in Kartal for its third meeting the 21 to 23 of January and was welcomed by the Mayor, Dr....

Third parties play a key role to making buildings energy efficient

The town council of Valladolid, Spain is renovating its buildings to achieve near-zero energy districts while involving all stakeholders at the same time.In a strategic plan for the municipality, the town council of Valladolid has given top priority...

R2CITIES held its 2nd progress meeting at Genoa Municipality June 18, 19 coinciding with Genoa Smart Week

This progress meeting, led by coordinator Rubén García from Fundación CARTIF, and hosted by Genoa Municipality, marked the end of the first year of R2CITIES.This first year of the R2CITIES has enabled the consortium to prepare the groundwork for the...

Genoa Smart Week – a series of events hosted by R2CITIES partners Genoa Municipality

Between 16 and 20 June, R2CITIES partner, Genoa Municipality played host to over ten events, also including several satellite events, designed to pave the way forward for green urban policy. The line-up of events ranged from...

Gloria Piaggio – Genoa, a Smart City

New technologies and energy management could soon lead to sustainable cities. Cities substantially contribute to European air pollution as they are the source of about 36% of the total CO2 emissions. Modern cities, therefore, raise sustainability...