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Greening our cities: R2Cities Project

Solutions to halving energy consumption, costs and greenhouse emissions in cities may be on the horizon, as long as partners find suitable ways to cooperate. Imagine a city could halve its energy consumption, costs and greenhouse gas emissions. This...

R2CITIES goes to ¨Genoa Smart Week¨ - an event which focuses on moving towards more sustainable, energy-efficient cities.

R2CITIES partner, Genoa Municipality, is gearing up to stage its Smart Week from 16 to 20 June this year. The week’s agenda will feature a series of high-level events bringing together experts, stakeholders and authorities from across Europe.  ...

Fifteen Cities, One Agenda: My Smart City District

Three projects involving 15 municipalities have decided to join forces for greater leverage in sharing and promoting energy efficient renovation solutions for cities and communities EU-wide. The projects EU-GUGLE, R2CITIES and ZenN, have now set out...

First progress meeting of the R2CITIES, a project about residential renovation towards nearly zero-energy cities.

Last 12 – 14 February 2014, the R2CITIES project consortium gathered in Madrid, Spain, for its first progress meeting. The purpose of this ambitious four-year FP7 project is to develop and demonstrate replicable strategies for designing,...

Low energy district renovation

Renovations of entire districts, designed to reach near zero-energy consumption, need to be replicable if they are to be widely adopted The overall building stock represents about 40% of the EU’s energy consumption. It also produces...

Cutting edge of energy efficiency and retrofitting in the Turkey: Kartal Municipality forms part of a European collaborative project to renovate the Yakacik district.

The aim is to achieve a nearly zero-energy city. Turkish stakeholders form part of a project consortium at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. The Yakacik district of Kartal Municipality takes centre-stage in R2CITIES, a 4-year project co-...

R2CITIES reaches out to the final conference of the CONCERTO Initiative in Brussels

One of Europe’s flagship initiatives for building and district energy efficiency innovation, CONCERTO, held its final conference on 22 and 23 October in Brussels. Co-delivered by R2CITIES partner Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, the event focused on the...

Refurbishing urban residential low energy districts: R2CITIES project.

Three cases studies will constitute the basis for developing an easily replicable strategy for renovating districts so that they reach near zero-energy consumption.Achieving nearly zero-energy consuming cities: this is the goal of...

R2CITIES project at the cutting edge of energy efficiency in the built and district environment - Kickoff meeting results: Valladolid, Spain

This FP7 project, co-funded by the EU, was hosted by the Coordinator Fundación CARTIF together with the other 16  partners of the project. At the beginning of July, the R2CITIES project consortium gathered in Valladolid, Spain, for...