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2019 EU Mies van der Rohe Award for Grand Parc Bordeaux

A fresh approach to social housing: Lacaton & Vassal architects, Frédéric Druot Architecture and Christophe Hutin Architecture have gained the 2019 Mies van der Rohe Award for their transformation of 530 apartments in the Grand Parc Bordeaux...

Advancing energy efficiency on the global agenda. Activity report 2009-2019

Energy efficiency – the concept of using less energy while keeping people and economies active and growing – came to the fore in the 1970s in response to the oil crises experienced by Western industrialised countries. However, the upfront costs were...

Vista Office Building

VISTA is located in the Luciline-Rives de Seine eco-district, the only French project on the prestigious European label Future Cities dedicated to urban planning programs designed to better prevent and combat the effects of climate change. This...

Søren Hermansen is the winner of the Roger Léron Award 2019!

The 5th edition of the Roger Léron Award was concluded on the 9th October 2019 with the Ceremony at the House of the Brussels region (BIP) with the announcement of the winner and celebration of nominees’ achievements. Søren Hermansen was...

Commission report: Evaluation of the Energy Taxation Directive

EU rules on energy taxation no longer deliver the same positive contribution as when they first came into force in 2003, according to a new report published by Commission services on 12 September 2019.   While the evaluation of the Energy Taxation...

Testing the SRI

In close interaction with various stakeholders, the study team has developed a provisional Smart Readiness Indicator assessment method and calculation scheme. We kindly invite all interested stakeholders to engage in the public bèta testing of this...

Thinking outside the Comfort Box

An understanding of human thermal comfort has proven to be one of the key components of energy efficiency in buildings. Human comfort is more to comfort than just temperature and humidity. For instance, the radiative energy that is emitted from...

Regenerative design in digital practice. A handbook for the built environment

Architectural design can no longer be only concerned with developing artefacts that produce reduced environmental impacts within a certain threshold of emissions. Conversely, buildings today must be developed to reverse the effects of climate change...

SEFIPA: A sustainable energy financing platform with high impact

Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency project SEFIPA ended with impressive results. It supported real estate funds with a total volume of EUR 6.7 billion to apply sustainability criteria for their buildings portfolio.  SEFIPA established a national...

Drivers of the energy transition: Why do property owners decide to renovate?

HARDI, CAN YOU TELL US A BIT MORE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO AND WHAT RANNALIIVA IS AND DOES? Sure! Rannaliiva is a non-profit apartment association established by apartment owners in 1999 for the purpose of sharing the management of their...