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Paris Court (France)

Reaching a height of 160 meters, the Paris Court covers an area of approximately 110,000 m² and accommodates up to 8,800 people per day.   The large rectangular atrium develops over the entire height of the base, up to 28 meters. This space is...

Horizon 2020 project nominated for the prestigious Zukunftspreis for innovation, using CO2 as a raw material to make plastics

Dr Christoph Gürtler, Prof Walter Leitner and Dr Berit Stange have have proven that CO2 currently emitted by industries to the atmosphere could be turned into tangible and marketable materials for future products. Researchers and industry have...

Elementary school extension - Chauconin, France

In October 2017, the municipality of Chauconin-Neufmontiers officially inaugurated the new premises of  "Marianne" school, an unprecedented educational extension for this town of 3000 inhabitants.   The project is carried out as part of a HQE label...

The Flexibility-Evaluation-Tool (FET)

The Flexibility-Evaluation-Tool (FET) has been developed within the IEA EBC, Annex 67 – Energy Flexible Buildings. It is an Excel-based tool to uniformly visualize, characterize and evaluate flexibility for different data input sources. The tool:...

FACE | Façades Architecture Construction Engineering (4th edition)

April – November 2020 | Applications are now open!   EURAC research offers a training course aimed at increasing the know-how of companies and freelance professionals operating in the field of complex technological building façades...

BEMServer platform

With the increasing amount of data to monitor buildings, it becomes crucial to offer tools that help managers in taking the best decisions to better control the energy of their buildings, and to involve all actors in reducing their environmental...

Trends and projections in Europe 2019

Building on its climate change mitigation policies and greenhouse gas emissions reductions over recent decades, the EU aims to become the world's first climate-neutral economy. Achieving climate neutrality will help Europe contribute to the Paris...

Climate change: Significant drop in EU emissions in 2018 but further effort needed to reach 2030 target

The EEA report ‘Trends and projections in Europe 2019 — Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targets’ presents analysis of the EU progress towards the 2020 and 2030 targets for climate and energy. The analysis is based on official...

World Energy Outlook 2019 highlights deep disparities in the global energy system

Deep disparities define today’s energy world. The dissonance between well-supplied oil markets and growing geopolitical tensions and uncertainties. The gap between the ever-higher amounts of greenhouse gas emissions being produced and the...

Zero carbon standard launched for Irish homes

Besides energy efficiency, the new zero carbon standard also considers the upfront carbon emissions associated with the construction of the homes. It also encourages home builders to actually measure how the homes perform after they are purchased...