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Rebuild Innovation platform for Italian buildings

REbuild is international: every year the event presents the best case studies in Italy and across the world, to find radical, concrete, effective, market-based approaches. For this reason, the convention is held both in Italian and in English and...

Measuring BIM maturity - Building SMART Webinar

20th June 2019, 14:00 p.m. (CEST). Register here:   Register to attend this building SMART webinar titled "Measuring BIM maturity" delivered by Mark Baldwin, an Australian architect and BIM subject matter expert.   How...

1st EPBD Article 19a feasibility study stakeholders’ meeting

Register your interest in the feasibility study stakeholder engagement here.   1st stakeholders meeting: Brussels, 24 June 2019 Morning session (10:00 – 13:00): Inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems Afternoon session (14:00 – 17:00):...

CISBAT 2019 – Climate Resilient Cities - Energy Efficiency & Renewables in the Digital Era

343 abstracts have been submitted and and undergone a blind review. 300 papers have been invited. We thank all authors for their interest and look forward to reading about their work! Registration is now open.   Topics 1-Smart...

X IAQVEC 2019 10th Int. Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings

Main topics: -Ventilation strategies and measurement techniques -IAQ and Indoor Environmental Quality -HVAC systems -Smart Technologies for ZEBs -ZEBs: design and energy modelling   In...

SBE19 - Resilient Built Environment for Sustainable Mediterranean Countries

The international conference, belonging to the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) series of conferences, is organized by Politecnico di Milano with four international organizations:   – International Council for Research and Innovation in Building...

Webinar: Experiences in bridging the gap between Investors and Project Developers

After a short introduction from the EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises), this webinar will hear from several presenters:   -Policy context and priorities from DG ENER   -“How to structure the dialogue on sustainable energy...

Quality Architecture for sustainable and high performing buildings - EUSEW ACE Energy Day

The workshop will include three main sessions: -Bringing solutions together: voluntary certification schemes and other integrated approaches in support of deep renovation of buildings -Architects feedback on testing Level(s) -Up-­skilling the AEC...

Towards Positive Energy Districts - Urban Lunch Talk #5 Webinar

Europe aims to be a global role model in energy transition and reducing its carbon footprint. Cities and the building sector play a decisive role in that process. The Programme “Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods for Sustainable Urban...

EUSEW – The Green Revolution Starts at Home

    With more than 80% of the heat delivered to buildings coming from obsolete, inefficient and polluting boilers, decarbonising this sector is crucial. A steep increase in the current 20% share of renewables in heating and cooling is...