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#9 Construction with raw soil in Senegal

In Senegal, the construction sector is booming. Today, concrete is used on construction sites, but although it is produced locally and cheaply, it is very polluting. The global cement industry is responsible for 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions...

#10 Energy: a major challenge for sustainable building in the Antilles

Energy consumption is growing rapidly in the Caribbean, both as a result of population growth and the very strong economic growth of the last twenty years. Committed to a sustainable development approach, France must implement strategies to limit...

Green Solutions Awards 2019: Discover the selection of all countries

After France, the other chapters of the Construction21 networks have lifted the veil on the winners in their country! A victory that is in fact double, since a qualification for the international phase comes with a national award.    Juries of...

CUBE2020: the Natixis Green Team, a fan of the competition and cubic innovations

Cube2020 is the contest for use and energy savings organised by IFPEB. For 1 year, users of candidate buildings commit to reducing their energy consumption, mobilising their teams on the challenge of an efficient building and carrying out awareness-...

#1 Edito - Sustainable construction in hot climates

The ambition of this dossier is to gather a series of testimonies that illustrate, in all their dimensions, the challenges related to construction in a hot climate. Since the concept of "hot climate" does not appear in the typologies traditionally...

[The testimonies: Is it CUBE or not CUBE?] Fonds Belval, a Luxembourg administrative building

Here is a candidate who has a lot to teach us. This candidate, who had been in contact with our Luxembourg partner NEOBUILD, presented the project to his management during an internal meeting on technical management. Dossier validated, they embarked...

EAP and 3CEA experience as PROSPECT mentors!

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv mentoring smart finance for private buildings and mapping thermographic of built environment through drone thanks to the Prospect programme.   Thanks to the H2020 project PROSPECT, a first-class peer-to-peer learning...

#3 Bioclimatism, standardization and local reality: an impossible equation to solve?

The bioclimatic approach is particularly suitable for construction in tropical or hot climates. With more than thirty years of experience, Alain Bornarel is a privileged witness of the evolution of this approach.   A look back at the technical,...

#4 Building bioclimatic in tropical climate and Reunion Island

Building bioclimatic infrastructures in Reunion Island and, more generally, in the DROMs and COMs (formerly DOM-TOM) requires a certain perseverance. Between standards and regulations that are often inadequate, Antoine Perrau gives us an overview of...

Improving Sustainability Using a Photocell Switch

The modern building is nothing like its ancestors. The concept of architecture has seen a myriad of periods and experiences, from the classical and the neo-classical to Roman and Victorian tastes.   In the olden times, builders would focus on...