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Geocluster strategic network to broaden the application range of 4RinEU deep renovation solutions

The scope of the Geocluster strategic network is to investigate the potential application of 4RinEU deep renovation approach in three different EU contexts (Poland, Hungary and Ireland).   In each country, an Early Adopter team made of local experts...

MIPIM / WBEF Sustainability Forum - Resilient & liveable cities, a RICS conference

Urbanisation is at a turning point as technology opens new possibilities, growing populations need sustainable and resilient communities in which to thrive, and world leaders set ambitious climate goals. These driving forces create opportunities for...

Webinar - District Heating and cooling: planning & digitalisation

Some learnings of two european projects about district heating and cooling will be at the core this free webinar. The webinar will be hold on the 10th of March 2020 from 10h30 to 12h (CEST). AGENDA Introduction by Mr Gabriele Pesce (Project Officer...

[Opinion] Mapping urban sustainability parameters

Built environment professionals have a compelling opportunity to help manage the risks arising from climate change and its impact on European cities. By Dr. Leyre Echevarría Icaza MRICS   Climate change is already resulting in major global changes...

Investing in Green Buildings

The latest World Built Environment Forum series of webinars discussed the importance of green buildings and how to encourage greater investment in them.   The buildings sector is responsible for 30% of total final energy use around the world, more...

European Users Club - Municipalities and regions on the energy retrofit of condominiums.

Municipalities and regions have a key role to play in the energy retrofit of condominiums. Many of them are already addressing the residential sector as part of their climate policies, but they are still often unaware of the specific challenges and...

One step closer to making sustainable and smart cities

The STARDUST project supported the 2019 edition of the Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions Conference in Bolzano. During the event, STARDUST partners from Eurac Research gave two presentations on the STARDUST smart urban...

7 Merits Associated With Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction focuses on creating structures that are built and operate efficiently. Sustainable construction is needed to reserve the limited amount of resources we have on earth. It becomes more imperative to produce sustainable...

European City Facility has been officially launched!

Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum ended its second day on 19 March on a high note as a record of more than 600 participants awaited the launch of the EU City Facility (EUCF).   The EUCF will support local authorities and groupings of local...

District heating: the key to decarbonising Europe’s heating

Renewable and waste heat sources are foreseen at the same time as decarbonized heat sources and the way to guarantee competitive energy costs with limited influence of fossil fuel supply price volatility. To achieve this, a transition is needed in...