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GSA 2019 Trends #4 - Reducing the carbon footprint

One of the aspects that we will venture to describe as positive in these Green Solutions Awards is the consideration of the carbon footprint.   Few buildings, of course, offer a formal life cycle analysis (which is a matter of debate), but the...

Expert talk Green heat: from fossil to green heat

Heating and cooling in our buildings and industry accounts for half of the EU’s energy consumption.   In EU households, heating and hot water alone accounts for 79% of total final energy use (9.348 PJ); for Belgian households, the share of heating...

Passivhaus: the most represented label in the 2019 Green Solutions Awards

With 192 case studies in 36 countries, the 2019 Green Solutions Awards have been an unexpected success and have seen strong international growth.   The most represented label is Passivhaus, with no less than 15 case studies from 11 countries as...

[Save the date] The date is set on the 4th of November at Batimat to discover the Green Solutions Awards 2019 winners

Who are the international winners of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards?   You will get the answer on the 4th of November, at Batimat, partner of the competition,    A ceremony bringing together, from all over the world, the pioneers in sustainable...

Decarbonizing Europe: time to turn up the heat!

Decarbonizing the heat sector is imperative to meeting carbon emissions reduction objectives across Europe. However, progress so far has been sluggish in most European countries.   Sweden is an exception with 80% of its heat coming from locally...

Health and comfort: the human factor

With almost 200 case studies from 36 different countries, the 2019 Green Solutions Awards provided a fine example of what is being done today to build more sustainable cities and territories.   First opus of our trend analysis. 1.1. Residential:...

The International Clean Energy Challenge – Solved!

The Energy Agency of Upper Austria (OÖ Energiesparverband), with the support of the Upper Austrian Government and their corporate and institutional partners (see below), organized a 5 days-event (22-26 July) for young professionals from across the...

Advantages Of Installing A Solar Water Heater

The basic need for hot water is very expensive as it heaps a huge amount of energy. It is believed that more than 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water.  In most homes and businesses this energy is generated from fossil fuels – gas and oil.  ...

Much more than “just” German – the international role played by the DGNB

Yes, it’s true: the D part of the DGNB name stands for Deutsch. We’re German. This has no impact on our operations as an NPO, however: we act on the global stage. Whether it’s in Europe or many other corners of the world, we set up networks and are...

Shaping the transition towards a circular economy

In recent years, the term “circular economy” has become increasingly widespread and has also reached the construction industry. There are a variety of levers for implementing the concept in the construction and real estate sector. In the report “...