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Director, EPB-research - Dick van Dijk (Private (SME or independent))

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Rough time table of CEN project

Dear all, This is a follow up on the previous blog post with the CEN work program to develop a second generation of CEN standards to support the (recast) EPBD. What was yet missing was a rough indication when to expect the products from this...

(draft) The CEN work programme to develop a second generation of CEN standards to support the (recast) EPBD

  dear all, Because of the many requests for more information on the CEN workplan, please find below a draft version. This version will be updated at short notice (illustrations, references, links, text update).   Content:  ...

CEN common terms and definitions

Update: April 11, 2012.Dear all,This blog contains the list of common terms and definitions from EN TR 15615 ("Explanation of the general relationship between various European standards and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) -...

What would be the best way to present information on the development of 2nd generation of CEN standards in the community?

Updated: April 11, 2012dear all,There are several ways to present new information in the community. The easiest and most functional way is to write structured articles directly as pages under the community part of the Portal. Each article with title...

Mandate M/480 from the EC to CEN for the elaboration and adoption of standards in accordance with the recast EPBD


New focus for the community “EPBD calculation procedures”: towards 2nd generation of CEN-EPBD standards

Dear members,The project to prepare the second generation of CEN standards, to support the recast EPBD, started a few months ago on the basis of a new mandate from the European Commission to CEN (M/480).Because of the wide interest in this project...

Several final publications from the IEE CENSE project now available at BUILD UP

dear all, The IEE CENSE project finished March 31, 2010. It produced a wealth of information:  A comprehensive report on the background, status and future of the CEN standards to support the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). In...

Enquiry analysis of the CEN-standards on ventilation and air conditioning. Recommendations


Enquiry analysis of the CEN-standards on heating systems and domestic hot water. Recommendations


Summary of results and recommendations derived in Workpackage 3 “Building energy performance” of the CENSE-project: CEN standards on lighting, energy use for heating and cooling and on thermal transmission