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Why not one CEN standard covering all EPBD aspects?

There are several reasons why there is not just one CEN standard covering all EPBD aspects. The two main reasons are: 1. The CEN standards cover different types, with different application areas and different target groups, ranging from building...
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What are the future prospects for the status of the CEN standards?

We expect a further harmonization in the near future. In particular when feedback from the Member States and other target groups has lead to recommendations for improvement of the CEN standards and when these recommendations have been implemented in...
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Why is the use of the CEN-EPBD standards not mandatory for Member States?

General The commission supported the development of the CEN standard by giving a mandate to CEN to produce the standards needed to support the implementation of the EPBD. It will be beneficial for Europe if all Member states use...
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What to do if I have questions about the use or technical content of a CEN standard to support the EPBD?

In general questions on standards could be answered by the National Standard Body helpdesk. They may also refer you to their national experts who have been involved in the preparation of the standard on a national or international level. For the...
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Why isn’t it possible to download the CEN standards from a website (e.g.

Standards are copyright protected property of the publisher (CEN , ISO etc.) and not part of the public domain. Question submitted by: Dick van Dijk (TNO, The Netherlands) Anwered by: Dick van Dijk, TNO and Jaap Hogeling, ISSO (The Netherlands) Date...
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In which languages are the CEN standards available?

It may be that although the National Standard Body produced a national language version, the standard will always be available in English (the official text), in many cases also a French and German version may be available. The French language...
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What is in the set of EPBD CEN Standards?

The set of CEN-EPBD standards consists of 43 titles or parts and can be grouped as follows: The building physics standards, e.g. describing the calculation of heat transfer by transmission and ventilation, load and summer temperature, solar...
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What is the relation between the EPBD and the developed CEN standards to support the EPBD?

The developed standards reflect the requirements of the EPBD as given in the different articles and the annex. The procedures as given in the standards meet the essential requirements as set out by the EPBD. Note that the EPBD is an example of the...
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Are the calculation procedures fully harmonised?

To support the open EU market, more and more standards have been prepared as ENӳ. For building products this is even a requirement based on EU mandates to CEN according to the EU-CPD (Construction Product Directive). To stimulate an open EU market,...
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Why is standardization at EU level so important?

Today most companies (consultants, manufacturers and contractors) work internationally. From their point of view it is preferable to have internationally accepted calculation methods and input data for the energy efficiency of buildings and building...