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How can I make the energy performance of systems visible on the Energy performance certificate (the energy label)?

This is possible if not only the overall energy performance (in MJ or kWh), but also the system energy performance is reported separately. The same goes for the local production of renewable energy. EN 15603 describes how this could be done. Given...
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Is there a roadmap or guidance to achieve one European calculation method on the energy performance of buildings?

There is a consensus within Europe that the built environment has a major task to reduce the CO2 emissions and convert to sustainable energy systems. The energy saving targets are high and there is a need to show in a non controversial way the...
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Are the products, building products and systems, taken into account in the EPBD standards?

The energy performance of products is taken into account in an indirect way. The EPBD CEN standards are generally dealing with performance description of buildings and systems. The EPBD standards describe the way the system performance has to be...
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Are the CEN standards delivered as paper documents or as PDF?

This is up to the National Standard Body, most countries offer both possibilities. Question submitted by: Dick van Dijk (TNO, The Netherlands) Anwered by: Dick van Dijk, TNO and Jaap Hogeling, ISSO (The Netherlands) Date: 2008/03/10