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Maria Kapsalaki

Consultant, INIVE EEIG (Non-profit)

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Are there examples of photocatalytic applications in the building industry?

Self-cleaning/photocatalytic properties are known since the 1960s, but they have only recently been widely exploited. The first application was on the church ‘‘Dives in Misericordia” in Rome. It is composed of 346 self-cleaning concrete blocks made...
Ask the Experts

What is photocatalysis and how does it work?

Photocatalysis is the activity occurring when a light source interacts with the surface of semiconductor materials, the so called photocatalysts. During this process, there must be at least two simultaneous reactions occurring, oxidation from...

OVERVIEW | Nanomaterials in the built environment

by Dimitra Papadaki (NKUA)   The growing field of nanotechnology can be found in healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, information technology, and environmental protection, but also in the building sector. It involves the...

venticool newsletter issue #11 - December 2017

The eleventh issue of the venticool newsletter includes two articles providing feedback on the ventilative cooling workshop in Brussels followed by the final IEA-EBC Annex 62 expert meeting in Gent in October, 2017. Further on, Professor Maria...

OVERVIEW | Alleviating Urban Heat Island in the Context of Climate Change

by Vasileios Ntouros (NKUA)   Urban Heat Island (UHI) is known to have significant impacts on the environment, giving rise to ambient temperatures in and around rural areas. At the same time, climate change issues are intensifying...

OVERVIEW | Smart HVAC systems in buildings and energy savings

by François Durier (CETIAT)   Advanced controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can reduce consumption in unoccupied zones of a building. They can also continuously adapt the operation to fit the demand and...

Dynastee newsletter 2017/9

DYNASTEE continues to disseminate information on dynamic assessment methods for the energy performance of buildings. The ninth issue of the DYNASTEE newsletter is an introduction to more in depth information, articles on new approaches and methods,...

Das energieautarke Solarhaus: Mit der Sonne wohnen

In diesem Buch wird der technische Weg von der Idee bis zur Realisierung eines energieautarken Solarhauses dargestellt. Konkrete technische Auswertungen und ein persönlicher Wohn-Erfahrungsbericht geben Auskunft über den Nutzen und die...

European commissioning practices today

This slide presentation from REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, was given during a Workshop about commissioning of buildings in India held in February 2014. It emphasises the needs for...

Commissioning cost-benefit and persistence of savings

IEA-EBC Annex 47 Report 3: Commissioning Cost-Benefit and Persistence of Savings   This document is one of the reports of Annex 47 of the Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA...