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Obrazek użytkownika Peter Wouters

Peter Wouters

General Manager, INIVE EEIG (Non-profit)

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venticool - The international Ventilative Cooling Platform

venticool is the international Ventilative Cooling Platform to accelerate the uptake of ventilative cooling by raising awareness, sharing experience and steering research and development efforts in the field of ventilative cooling.   The platform...

eu.bac - European Building Automation Controls Association

eu.bac is the European Building Automation and Controls Association and represents the European manufacturers for Home and Building Automation and Energy Service Companies.   eu.bac focuses on building automation, controls for residential and non-...

BETEC - Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council

ObjectivesTo develop a sound technical and economic foundation for optimum energy efficiency in the design, construction, operation, and modification of new and existing buildings through the coordination of research, development,...

Intelligent Energy - Europe project database

Are you interested in energy efficiency or renewables? Looking for information on projects in your country or in a particular industry? Search the IEE database and find details of 500+ projects financed by the programme so far. The database is...

EHPA - European Heat Pump Association



The European Ventilation Industry Association EVIA represents the ventilation industry both in Brussels with the EU institutions and in the national capitals with our partners.   EVIA aims to serve as platform and point of contact...


Eurovent is the European representative of the European refrigeration, air conditioning, air handling, heating and ventilation industry and represents trade associations from European and non-European countries.    Eurovent represents over 1,000...


Alll over Europe energy and education related developments require adaptations of our school buildings. Most of them have been built during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, they are now expected to be modernised and renovated.Based on a building typology...


KLIMASKÆRM is a non-profit trade association for professionals who work on topics such as building thermography and building airtightness issues.

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