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Overview of energy efficiency services: New manual on-line

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One of the objectives of POWER HOUSE EUROPE is to help housing organisations access the resources (such as guidebooks, technical reports, tools for training and asset management) which can assist them in their energy efficiency strategies.

The POWER HOUSE team select resources which they have deemed most useful for inclusion in the on-line resource database. 
The newly published "BewareE Manual" which focuses on most effective ways of empowering end-users to reduce energy consumption in the home, has been identified as one such resource. The project BewareE, which is co-financed by the EU Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, aims to reduce this user-related energy consumption by promoting the implementation of “energy awareness services”.  This manual addresses all potential service providers, such as housing companies, energy suppliers, energy agencies or consumer protection associations. In addition to important theoretical background information on stimulating behavioural changes, the manual presents different „intervention strategies“, numerous examples of successfully implemented services and a six-step-model for the realisation of services.

Click here to download the "BewareE Manual" from the Resources section of the POWER HOUSE EUROPE website.