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Danish factory sees obligation to shift to CO2 neutral production

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The Danish based Linak group, which specialises in electronic actuator systems, plans to spend DKK 15.3 million to convert its factory in southern Jutland to green production, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen. The company is also changing all its products so that they consume little or no electricity when on standby.
Bent Jensen, the MD of Linak who owns the group together with his family, says: "I think we have an obligation to do something for the sake of the climate. Just look what is currently happening to the weather around the planet. We also have to acknowledge that for many years we have discharged a lot of CO2 in connection with our production."

Linak will invest DKK 8.5 million in a wind turbine and DKK 3.8 in a solar power plant at its factory in Guderup, southern Jutland. The rest of the energy requirement will be supplied by biogas – which is not included in the DKK 15.3 million budget.

Jensen does not know when the factory in Guderup will have shifted to CO2 neutral production: "We are dependent on others, so we have to be patient", he says.

The payback time for changing the current factory production to green production is estimated to be 15 years.

"We have made many better investments previously. But I think we owe it to everyone to take care of the environment, when we know how to do it. And I think a 15 million kroner investment is inexpensive to reach that far," says Bent Jensen, adding that he is in no doubt that the project will also give Linak a green image which is valuable for marketing.

Linak is part of Project Zero which aims to make the area of Sønderborg in southern Jutland CO2 neutral by 2029.