Why not one CEN standard covering all EPBD aspects?

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There are several reasons why there is not just one CEN standard covering all EPBD aspects. The two main reasons are:

1. The CEN standards cover different types, with different application areas and different target groups, ranging from building designers and inspectors to specific specialists on building physics or systems (lighting, ventilation, cooling, heating, hot water, ..).
2. CEN didn't start this work from scratch. The short timescale and pre-existing drafts (from 5 CEN Technical Committees, each covering a specific field of expertise) have resulted in more fragmentation than if started from scratch. On the other hand, starting from scratch would undeniably have taken much more time and discussion. A guidance document (CEN/TR15615, "Umbrella Document") has been produced on the application of the standards. Moreover, it is expected that, over time the standards will converge into a more unified set.

More information on this subject is given in the Information Papers on CEN standards to support the EPBD. These can be downloaded from the BUILD UP Portal.

Submitted by: Dick van Dijk (TNO, The Netherlands)
Anwered by: Dick van Dijk, TNO (The Netherlands)
Date: 29/04/2009