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New focus for the community “EPBD calculation procedures”: towards 2nd generation of CEN-EPBD standards

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Dear members,

The project to prepare the second generation of CEN standards, to support the recast EPBD, started a few months ago on the basis of a new mandate from the European Commission to CEN (M/480).

Because of the wide interest in this project we, the community facilitators in consultation with the BUILDUP management team, have decided for the coming years to focus the information exchange in the community “EPBD calculation procedures” on the activities in this project.

As a first step we adapted the title and description of the community to the new focus.

In the coming period we will present more information on the standardisation process: the goals, work plan, specific discussion items and interim results. Information that will be interesting for a wide audience of national and international policy makers, building professionals, educational institutes and standards writers.


Interesting document about the mandate for the methodology calculating the energy performance in accordance with the recast of the EPBD. From the European commision: