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Kosten und Potenziale der Vermeidung von Treibhausgasemissionen in Deutschland - Eine Studie von McKinsey & Company, Inc., erstellt im Auftrag von "BDI initiativ - Wirtschaft für Klimaschutz"

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A study on the costs and potentials of all significant levers to avoid green house gas emissions in Germany. More than 40 companies and industry associations have contributed to the analysis, additional 30 companies and numerous experts have particiapted in dicussions to certain topics. With the help of a uniform methodology the authors have evaluated more than 300 different technical opportunities to avoid green house gases for the timespan until 2020 or 2030. For all levers the CO2 avoidance potential (in Mt CO2e) and the avoidance costs (in EUR/t Co2e) have been quantified. The covered sectors are: energy supply, industry, buildings, transport, waste management and agriculture.